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Products such as Stages of Beauty Skincare exist to help us achieve our desired quality of skin. As much as they want, they cannot do everything for us. We cannot expect to achieve the youthful skin we have always yearned for if we keep on neglecting and harming it. We need to learn how to take care of our skin. Love your skin and it will reward you with a youthful glow that can shave years off of your age. Below are some very useful tips that you should remember.

Treat Your Skin Gently

Heaving a skincare kit is often helpful, but you should never overdo it or you will probably bring more harm than good. Keep your kit simple. Stages of Beauty Skincare and a mild natural cleanser will be enough. Stay away from intense soap and creams. They can wash away the natural oils of your skin and make it dry. A hot bath or a long shower can also wash away your skin oils so be careful. Do not take too long when taking a bath. Avoid hot water and switch to warm one. After taking a bath do not rub the towel harshly on your skin. Just pat yourself gently so that some of the moisture remains in your skin. It will help keep your skin hydrated longer. If you need to shave, do not rush and take it slowly and mildly. If not, you might shave off healthy cells. Use shaving cream to keep your epidermis protected. Shave in the same direction the hair grows and not against it.

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Eat a Healthy Diet

What you eat dictates the nutrients that your bloodstream will distribute all over the body. The skin also gets most of its nutrition from the blood the flows through it. Stages of Beauty Skincare stresses that you need to take control of your diet. Avoid greasy food. Switch to eating more fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain. Switch to lean meat since it has healthier proteins. Consuming unhealthy fats may contribute in the formation of acne. Vitamin C rich items will also help keep your skin young and beautiful.


Stages of Beauty

Eye bags? Worry no more! Here are beauty tips from Stages of Beauty on how to get rid of them!

Dark Circles

The cause usually isn’t something short-term, like too many cocktails drinks. It could be something you have inherited as well. Pigmentary problems that trigger under eye discoloration are typical among people of Asia. Age additionally leads to darkish circles. With age, the epidermis around the eye gets thinner, exposing the small blood vessels that lie only below.

You can still do something about it!

Usually, dark circles aren’t about transitions in the colour of skin in any way. Instead, they’ve been created with a loss of quantity in the region throughout a person’s eye. The orbital bone is exposed by that, making a trough that appears as a darkish ring. The fine eye region is among the first places to show signals of ageing, this can occur as early as the late 30s or 40s.

In case you pull skin along with the darkness turns blotchy, that’s signs the trouble is due to extra pigment in the region, states Joseph Eviatar, Maryland, a New York ophthalmic cosmetic surgeon.

Prevention and Quick Fix

Here are few tips you may do to help to keep your eyes free from bags.

1. Put in a prescripted retinoic acid – the vitamin A lotion that goes on the generic title tretinoin to your everyday skincare regimen. It is the only greatest thing you can apply to stop creases and enhance present lines.

2. Don’t smoke, and consistently apply a sunblock round the centre area. Smoking and contact with UV rays both weaken collagen and induce early wrinkling and sagging. The very best way to renew your skin’s glow under your eyes is by using Stages of Beauty. Stages of Beauty rehydrates your skin, giving it a younger looking feel from inside and out.

3. Apply a moisturiser to a person’s eye region nightly. You don’t need to invest a lot. Virtually any drug-store moisturizer will supply the hydration you’ll need. Or better yet, stick to using Stages of Beauty.

So what can you are doing?

These repairs are much less successful when the darkish circles are triggered by incredibly thin skin. That is truly hard to take care of. Eye lotions that have caffeine can help a bit only because they constrict the underlying arteries.

Make-Up might help hide dark circles. 

 Concealing dark circles with concealer now is easier than you might believe. Pick a concealer that matches your skin-tone. Select a liquid formula, in case you have moderate discoloration. Go for further coverage using a lotion or cake concealer, in the event your shadows are somewhat more outstanding. Softly pat the concealer on in the interior corner of your eye to simply past the outer corner.

Other, more pricey alternatives, including therapy with IPL or intense pulse light, can assist by ruining those pigment cells and smoothing the skin. A sequence of four IPL remedies, at about $200 each, is usually needed to find progress. Skin lightening lotions which contain quinol or kojic acid might also reduce the darkness.

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{November 25, 2013}   Look Younger with Stages of Beauty

stages of beauty skincareIf you really want to know how to stay young looking naturally, you may be disappointed to find out that there really is no “magic” involved, and the path is not very exciting or glamorous.

The secret to looking younger is to simply get back to the basics. It involves common sense, commitment and a simple approach.

Here are some easy tips for noticeable results in a matter of weeks.

Get Plenty Rest

So many of us are guilty of burning the candle at both ends. We get up early, possibly to finish up projects we could not complete the night before, only to stay up too late again the next night. The problem is that when you do not get plenty of rest on a consistent basis, you are practically writing an invitation for wrinkles to show up on your face, along with dark circles and/or bags under the eyes, deeper lines, and “hooded” eye lids.

Sleep requirements vary on an individual basis, but 7 or 8 hours per night is ideal. How many of you reading this article get 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night? If you are cramming for exams or a new mommy, chances are that you are not even coming close.

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You are what you eat, as the saying goes. If you are consuming a diet high in fat, cholesterol, and a lot of greasy, fried foods, you are not doing your skin any favors. In addition to your skin becoming dull, a bad diet can give you acne on top of wrinkles!

It is hard to eat well with the fast-paced schedules we all deal with everyday, so it makes sense to take a multi-vitamin or other supplements to fill in those nutritional gaps.

Drink plenty of Water

Water is good for your body, and especially your skin, because it provides a means to flush toxins from your system. The less toxins in your cells, the better your skin will look. There are so many flavors of water available today, plus some are chock full of vitamins and other good things (electrolytes) your body needs to be replenished every day.


Antioxidants fight free radical damage running rampant through your body. Free radicals are damaged cells looking to steal molecules from healthy cells in your body. After molecules are stolen from healthy cells, they become damaged, too. Free radical damage not only causes all kinds of illnesses and diseases in your body, but it is a key factor in aging of the skin.

Stages of Beauty – Anti-Aging Skincare Free Trial!

Be sure to take a supplement containing antioxidants on a daily basis. Due to the high activity level of free radicals, you must supply your body with a fresh supply of antioxidants each day. An easy way to get some of those antioxidants is to drink a cup or two of green tea each day. Green tea is a great source of getting those cell-saving antioxidants.

Stop Smoking

Smoking accelerates the rate at which your skin ages! Smoking creates and deepens existing wrinkles. Smoking also speeds up free radical damage already present in your body.

Have you ever noticed that you can spot a smoker a mile away, not by the smell of smoke, the cough or raspy voice, but by the look of their skin!

If you are serious about looking younger, lose the smokes.


It is challenging to find time to work out a few times per week, but if you write “exercise” in your daily calendar and treat it just like you would a business meeting or conference with your child’s teacher, you will be more likely to stick with it. In other words, treat working out with as much importance as keeping a doctor appointment or attending a mandatory meeting at work.

By just walking for 30 minutes per day a few times per week, your circulation will improve, which will in turn improve your skin, as the blood flow will bring back a lovely healthy glow.

Clean and Moisturize Skin

If you live in a climate with severe temperatures (either hot or cold) it can really take a toll on your skin. Windburn, sunburn, and forced air can make your skin dry and prone to wrinkles. It is advisable to use stages of beauty creams to fight the signs of aging.

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